About the Herts & Middx Moth Group

The group is an entirely voluntary gathering of people of all ages and from all walks of life, including both professionals and amateurs, who have an interest in moths in the English county of Hertfordshire. We operate on first name terms. There is no committee, no chair person, no "leader", although the group is largely organised and run by Colin Plant, the formal moth recorder for Hertfordshire and Middlesex.

There is no subscription - we depend entirely upon donations and sponsorship. If you wish to make a donation or to sponsor our activities, please contact Colin Plant.

We aim organise a series of field trips throughout the year. These are open to all. These trips have a double purpose. Most people come along to learn how to identify moths and to have an enjoyable evening with like-minded people. On the serious side, they are recording trips, contributing data towards the proposed book on Hertfordshire moths. Apart from not allowing dogs (because of all the electric cables used to power the traps), the only rule is that people should enjoy themselves. Although the trips start at around dusk it is not necessary for people to stay all night so if you have to leave early it is no problem.

We also have a single indoor meeting each year, usually in March/April. This is open to all, admission is free, and it is usually very well attended. This is usually on a Saturday, with one or two guest speakers followed by an informal session with exhibits and displays and short presentations. Attendance is open to anyone who cares to turn up.

If you also send your e-mail address to Colin then you can be added to the electronic mailing list - receiving occasional updates on events, latest news, etc. (removal from this list can be requested at any time).

There is also a Yahoo discussion group that you can join (or leave at any time). To avoid misuse of the discussion group by SPAM mailing companies etc, applications to join the discussion group must be individually approved and so you must join as a member of the group first, by e-mailing Colin Plant. The discussion group only carries text-only messages, and all attachments are automatically deleted - which means that it is not possible to receive computer viruses etc via the group.

As custodians of the Hertfordshire and Middlesex Moth database, we are able to provide validated data on moths in the county (not butterflies - sorry). This data is freely available to all who wish to use it, as we believe that scientific information should be shared without prejudice. However, we may make a charge for labour involved in collating and/or analysing the data if the person asking for it is a professional or if it will be used for any form of financial gain. All enquiries must come via Colin.


Hertfordshire and Middlesex
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