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The Guide to Hertfordshire Moths is now the Guide to Hertfordshire & Middlesex Moths and is updated to include all the records currently on our database. This includes all records up to the end of 2013. We hope to add 2014 onwards before too long.

This is still a work in progress

You can keep up with what is going on in our area in two ways:

Look at the Herts Moth Group Facebook Page

This is a public group so anyone can look at it like any other webpage.You do not need to be a facebook user or hand over any information to Facebook to read it.

If you want to contribute you will need a Facebook account and apply to join the group by clicking the Join button.

There are frequent postings here and it is the best way of keeping up with what is going on in our area

Join the Herts Moth Group Yahoo Group by going to and click on the subscribe link to join


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